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Online Reports

  What kind of reports can we provide?


​  we have the ability to customize any report you need; the level of detail is up to you. You also have the access to view reports in our web order entry system, You can perform a search on any of the following criteria: Order number, any date range, the pick-up &/or delivery location, service type, reference, the person who ordered deliveries, the person who signed for orders, and the Waybill number.​

  We utilize courier specific software that has a web based tracking system that you would be able to monitor at your convenience with a simple log-in to our web site any time of the day.

  Our drivers carry handheld units that notify the web based tracking & order placement system of the exact time when the package is Picked-up and again when it is delivered, along with signer’s information. This information is immediately available for you to view by simply logging into your account.

This is all in addition to the Daily Bill of lading forms that our drivers carry and used for STAT orders.

  Also, via our web site, you would have access to information pertaining to your account. This would be a basis to monitor any quality metrics that you would like to regularly track.

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