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Great Savings

Same Day Express offers affordable package deliveries for San Diego County. We will pick up and deliver your parcel within eight hours! Your order must be ready by 10:00 am and it will be delivered by 5:00 pm. A driver will pick up your shipment and deliver it, your shipment won't get lost in a mail sort facility!

  Same Day Express Messenger, Courier and delivery services in San Diego and all of Southern California-area businesses. SDE has implemented in most advanced software to dispatch and track all packages and monitor their status to ensure a prompt delivery. 

  • State-of the art dispatching software

  • Online Invoicing

  • Pay your invoice online

  • Place and update your order online

  • Online ordering and tracking

  • Instant SMS or email order confirmations

  • Immediate signature confirmation

  • GPS tracking

  • Uniformed, courteous and professional drivers

  • Licensed, bonded, and insured

Immediate pick up and delivery.

Delivered within the chosen amount of hours.


Service limited within 40 miles of San Diego county. (10 lbs. included)

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