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1. What are your hours? 

 We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.   

2. What is your delivery area?                  

 Same Day Express will deliver anything, anytime, anywhere.  Our office is located in San Diego, California so the majority of our deliveries either begin or end there.  We are happy to help no matter the destination!  Please call our office for pricing information.

3. How can I open an account?   

  You may fill out the Account Profile Form and email that to our sales office. or Feel free to call our sales office at 1-858-564-4823 extinction 5 and they will assist you in getting an account established for your business.

4. Can I order online?
Once you have set up an account with our sales office you will receive a login credentials for your account.  A brief tutorial is provided to get you started with our online system – placing orders, checking the status of a delivery or reviewing your invoices is all available to you with the press of a button!  Feel free to call our sales office at 1-858-5644823 option 5 and they will assist you in getting an account established for your business.  If you prefer, you may fill out the Account Profile Form and email that to our sales office.  
5. Can I track my package?   

All clients can check the status of their deliveries by using our online system. The progress of the delivery will be measured in the following increments:  order placed, dispatched, picked up, and delivered.  When the delivery is completed, an email can be generated and sent to our clients and or you clients.  It will show who signed for the package as well as what time it was delivered!

6. What’s the cheapest way to send my package Same Day?
We offer a range of budget options, so it depends on a combination of package type and timescales for delivery. If cost is your first priority, just tell us what you're shipping and we'll find you the most cost-effective route.
7. Do I have to take a standard service, or can you offer something recommended? 
Our whole business is built on flexibility. No two packages, and no two deadlines, will ever be the same - so if our 

standard services don’t fit your needs, let us know and we’ll tailor an individual option.                  

8. How soon can you give me a quotation for courier shipments?  

During business hours, we’ll normally give you a quotation in a matter of minutes.                                 

9. What happens if my shipment is delayed?   

We’ll inform you by email if our schedule is affected - and if your delivery is urgent, we’ll contact you by phone. You can track your delivery online throughout its journey.

10. When will I receive proof of delivery?

We’ll always confirm delivery immediately by email. And if you’ve opted for a Timed or Same Day Delivery, we can notify you immediately by SMS – even if delivery is made outside office hours.

11. When will I be invoiced?                                

Our e-biling system raises invoices every 15 days. Each new invoice will be emailed to you as a PDF, and if you have an account with us, you’ll have access to all current and previous invoices online via our secure server. 

12. What kind of reports can I access online?
When you log into our Account Management suite, you can check the status of all jobs and create reports by name, department or date range, with costs of shipping as standard. This will allow you to allocate charges to specific cost centres. You can also recover past invoices and PoDs.                
13. Do you always get a signature at the delivery address?

Yes. All deliveries will be required to have a signature at the destination. This will be obtained as Proof of Delivery (POD). 

14. Do you offer an overnight service? 

For our full services contact our Customer Services to discuss the range of services best to suit you.

15. What size vehicles do you have?  

We have access to a range of vehicles to suit most of our demands. For the day to day business we use small cars, Cargo vans, Pick-up Trucks, full zise Trucks, and a Box Truck with left gate. For more details contact our Customer Services.

16. What if I need to change the delivery details?

This is not a problem. If there is a change to any of the details of the delivery of your package, then call Customer

Services as soon as you can and because we are in constant touch, we can ensure it is delivered to where you want it to go.

The delivery costs will be recalculated and you will be advised at the time of the change.

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